Since 1989, we have shared and learned from each other. Our club has held more MACNA's than any other club in the USA.


Our Mission

The mission of the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society is to provide a resource and focus for hobbyists in the Kentuckiana region who have interests in captive marine systems. We will increase public awareness of the importance and value of living coral reef ecosystems. By increasing the hobbyist's level of understanding and depth of knowledge, we will help hobbyists become more successful in maintaining captive marine systems.


I am so glad to have found LMAS.I asked a question and had several club members give me tips on how to fix my problems with my reef tank.
— Todd Smith,

What We've Achieved

  • Put on successful Frag swaps.
  • Helped hobbyist in the Louisville area for over 27 years.
  • Held more nation conferences than any other marine aquarium club. 
  • Hold meetings September thru May.
  • Work with local Aquarium Stores to educate hobbyist. 
  • Created an environment of learning and sharing club meetings
  • Helped club members with breeding of marine fish.
  • Created video training on marine aquarium topics.