January Meet up

This month we meet at Micheal Emerson's house. He has a 125 gallon Reef tank. We will be showing how to measure Par and how he has his lighting setup for his Reef.

Also Micheal has built a new frag holding system and he will be telling us how he set it up.

Welcome to the new website.

I have been wanting to get the club's web presence sorted out since taking the task of being club president again. In today's world a profession website is and important forward facing feature of any community organization. LMAS has been part of my aquarium life for many years. When Jim McCubbins and I started the club in 1989 we want to develop a group together of hobbyist that would help each other. Encouraged each other when things in our tanks are not going well and share our triumphs. To help move tanks and do pluming jobs. To watch each others tanks while we are on vacation. To come together to create a club that develops our skills at becoming better hobbyist. That is what LMAS is about and what it should always be.